‘Save Water Campaign’

Our school organised ‘Save Water Campaign’ to sensitize students and masses about the conservation of water which is a precious resource and should be conserved for future generations also. The campaign was organised under the guidance of the principal of the school Ms. Anita Gautam on 26.8.2023. The Students prepared placards, slogans and banners. With full energy students participated in this campaign and spread awareness for conservation of water and also how to minimize the use of water. It aimed at conserving and protecting natural water bodies and their aquatic environments. Saving water helps to preserve our environment and with slogans students participated enthusiastically. Many ideas were given by students like turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, turn off the tap while washing your hands, check your toilet for leaks, stop using your toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket, check your winter water bills, put a plastic bottle in your toilet tank, take shorter showers, install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors, If it’s yellow, let it mellow, fix your leaks and many more.

The main objective of the save water campaign was to increase awareness of students about the scarcity of clean water and sensitize them about the conservation of water, a precious resource. The campaign aimed at reducing everyday water usage rate due to the water crisis in the world. 

With this campaign students and masses were sensitized about the importance of every drop of water and ways to conserve water also reduce the wastage of water to overcome the consequences of scarcity of water which will be faced by people in future.