A well – coordinated body and mind result in establishing tranquillity. Dance forms, help in reaching this calmness. Solo Dance competition provided a stage for the students of grade 1 to 5 to shun away their inhibition and tune their body to the rhythm.

Solo dance competition was held in auditorium on Monday, 17  July,23 under the guidance of Principal ma’am. It was held with great pomp and show. Performance of the participants was so captivating that the audience couldn’t control their dancing spirit. Even the judges have taken their time to announce the final result because the competition was very tough. Principal ma’am encouraged the students with her golden words. The audience have enjoyed the event with full enthusiasm. In the end vote of thanks was given. The event ended successfully.

Result  of  ABCD-Anybody Can Dance

Class I

Arman                  First                 I D
Taani                     Second           ID
Navya                   Third                IB
Aradhana            Third               IC
Avika                    Consolation   IA


Saanvi                    First                IIC
Kanak                    Second            IIA
Deven                    Third               IIE
Parth                      Consolation   IIB


Kunj                          First                      IIIA
Saesha                      Second                 IIIE
Gumaan                   Third                    IIIC
Paridhi                     Third                    IIIC
Nitya                         Consolation        IIIC
Jaanvi                       Consolation        IIIB

Class IV

Sanchit                    First                     IVC
Anushka                  Second                IVD
Yuvika                     Third                   IVA
Ridhi                       Consolation        IVD

Class V

Pragya                      First                   VE
Yogesh                     Second               VD
Nitika                       Second               VF
Hardik                     Third                  VF
Shipra                      Third                  VE
Tripti                        Consolation      VD