August 18 was a special day at Hindu Vidyapeeth.
Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great pomp and festivity by the tiny tots of the Pre-Primary section.
Dressed as Radha, Krishna, Sudama, Meera, Rukmini and Nand Baba they gave a traditional touch to the entire celebration. The school premise was decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was enhanced with Jhankis depicting life history of Lord Krishna.
The celebration that followed was truly entertaining and educating. The Headmistress of the school Ms. Anita Gautam blessed all the students on this auspicious day and took some pictures with them.
Children were explained, why Janmashtami is celebrated and the story behind it was also narrated by the teachers, by showing a movie of Lord Krishna in their respective classrooms. The festival conveyed the strong message, “Victory of good over evil”.