Result of Solo Dance Competition (class 1-5) held on 7 july ’21

*Class 1st
1st Kunj Tondon1F
2nd Neah 1A
3rd Gumaan 1C
& Dhruv 1A
Consolation Anshuman 1F

Class 2nd
1st Manhar 2A
2nd Radhika 2F
3rd Navya 2C
Consolation Bhavika 2F

Class 3rd
1st Ikjot 3A
2nd Rajshri 3C
3rd Bhavi 3E
Consolation Chahat 3A

Class 4

1st Aayush 4D
2nd Anshika 4D
3rd Anjali 4E
Consolation Saaransh 4C

Class 5

1st Bhavya 5A
2nd Saanvi 5B
3rd Raashi 5F
Consolation Taanishka 5E

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