Date of Workshop:         07-07-2018

Resource Person:            Dr. G.S. Grewal & Sh. R.K. Khosla

Venue:                                  Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura, New Delhi.

Teachers Attended Workshop:Mr. Ajay Verma(P.G.T. Commerce)    Mahesh Munjal (P.G.T. Commerce)

Main focus of workshop was on changes initiated by CBSE in Accountancy syllabus for Class XI and XII. The slot of time was two sessions. First session of Workshop was taken by Dr. G.S. Grewal, an Eminent personality in the field of Accountancy. The specific objectives of first session of workshop were the following:

  1. Effect of GST on Class XI (Chapter: Journal, Cash Book and Subsidiary Book)
  2. Effect of Proposed Dividend on Cash Flow Statement. New Treatment for Proposed dividend.
  3. Treatment of Goodwill: When Goodwill is raised in books and Goodwill is not raised in the books.

Second Session was taken by Sh. R. K. Khosla, Retd. Faculty Member, Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. The specific objectives of second session of workshop were the following:

  1. Introducing of Financial Statements of Not for Profit Organisation in Class XII.
  2. Change in Accounting from Incomplete Records. Conversion method reintroduced by CBSE.

The workshop was very interesting and gave the opportunity to learn many issues in regards to changes in Accountancy syllabus.

Overall it was an enriching and interactive session. Such workshop constitutes a good opportunity to foster the knowledge on Accountancy.