To hone the teaching skills of the teachers and to equip them with plethora of activities in teaching and learning in English, a one day  seminar on ‘Teaching of Drama  and Literary Devices’ was organised at Hindu Vidyapeeth on  29th May 2019.

The seminar was chaired in by the honourable Principal Mrs Soni Rudra. The resource person Ms Ira Sehgal from Pearson Publishing House was given a formal floral welcome by the Principal. The objective of the seminar was to facilitate the teachers with various methods of teaching story writing using figures of speech.

All the teachers participated in the workshop enthusiastically. During the short question volley session, all the groups learnt how to throw one’s voice by asking questions beginning with adverbs like when, how, where etc. The resource person underlined the need of dramatization and taught the teachers how the various topics can be dramatized and made interesting and unforgettable for the students.  At the end, a token of love was presented to Ms Sehgal by the principal.  ‘Vote of Thanks’ was proposed by Ms Veena Muttreja. Overall, it was quite a fruitful and an enriching experience for all the teachers.