Red Cross Society organized a three days seminar with the kind support of Mr. Zile Singh District Education Officer, Principal Hindu Vidyapeeth Ms. Soni Rudra and Mr. Shashi Mehta district coordinator of Red Cross society from 16th April to 18th April 2019. The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Shashi mehta.He delivered an introductory speech and He welcomed Hon’ble guests and all the participants. District coordinator Red Cross Society Mr. Shashi Mehta organised this seminar for C.B.S.E affiliated schools. About 79 teachers from different schools attend this.

Programme was started with flag hosting by Mr. Vashisth, Mr. Shashi Mehta,Ms. Saraswati and Mr. Satya Narayan Sharma .

On 16th april lectures given by Mr. Vashisth on blood donation and Ms. Saraswati on working of red cross.

On 17th April  flag hosting by G. Chandana . lectures given by G. Chandana on life management , DR. Naman Phuja on dental hygiene

On 18th april flag hosting by Ms. Soni Rudra and Dr. Shroff followed by speech. Dr. Shroff delivered lecture on eye donation.

Lectures given by mr. Satpal district organising commissioner of scout and guide and mr. bhim sain on importance of scout and guide.

Closing ceremony  by Mr. zile singh( DEO, Sonipat) and Ms. Soni Rudra  by presenting a momento to the participants.

This was nice experience.

During this seminar we become aware about red cross programme.

The Indian Red Cross’s programmes are grouped into four main core areas:

  • Promoting humanitarian principles and values;
  • Disaster response;
  • Disaster preparedness; and
  • Health and Care in the Community.

Red Cross promotes the Humanitarian values, which encourage respect for other human beings and a willingness to work together to find solutions to problems.

Disaster response continues to represent the largest portion of IRCS work, with assistance to millions of people annually ranging from refugees to victims of natural disasters.

 These aim to make Red Cross Societies and communities more aware of the risks they face, how to reduce their vulnerability, and how to cope when disaster strikes.

Too many people die as a result of no access to even the most basic health services and elementary health education. Health and community care has become a cornerstone of humanitarian assistance, and accounts for a large part of Red Cross spending. Through these programmes, the Red Cross aims to enable communities to reduce their vulnerability to disease, and prepare for and respond to public health crises.

Other Major activities includes : hospital services, blood bank, HIV/AIDS programmes, home for disabled servicemen ,vocational training centers, tracing activities, maternity , child and family welfare, nursing, junior red cross activities, preparedness and prevention of communicable & infectious diseases, relief operations in fire, railway & other accidents and events .

Promoting Fundamental Principles and Humanitarian Values

The International Committees of the Red Cross and National Societies have a consistent and inspirational approach to promoting humanitarian values and the seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

The aim is to influence the behaviour of the people we work with, through a better understanding of Fundamental Principles and humanitarian values.