Capacity Building Programme On Value Education(28.09.2019)

A Workshop on Value Education was conducted by CBSE at ShreeJee International School, Sonipat on 28th  Sept. 2019 .

Mrs. Anita Pant Sharma, Principal DPS Bhiwani was the resource person.

The purpose of the workshop was to imbibe moral values in students as they are degrading amongst youth .The resource person laid stress on the fact that instead of preaching or teaching moral values to the students it’s better that parents and teachers should themselves set an example to make them feel what values means to us.

She displayed us some short videos for the same and participants enacted very small skits to display how students can become empathetic, good listener, ,honest ,helpful and responsible citizens. This role playing act made the workshop a great learning experience.

At the end certificates of participation were given to all the participants along with a group photo.